Imagine Dental

Dental clinic design doesn’t need to be so clinical.


Dr. Danielle Davids


Apr 2024


Design and Build

Imagine Dental

We partnered with Imagine Dental to create an inspiring, comforting space, departing from clinical norms.  Emphasizing patient experience and operational efficiency through collaboration and medical expertise, the project optimized space, materials, aesthetics and technology. The result? A space so serene, stylish, and refined that you'd hardly believe you're at the dentist. Take a look.


Create a less clinical clinic.

Imagine Dental aimed to create a dental office that departed from the conventional clinical atmosphere. Essentially , to create a dental office, that didn't feel like a dental office. Their goal was to make patients feel at ease, inspiring them, and leaving them eager for their next visit.


Open, elevated, warm & industrial

Drawing inspiration from Dr. David's vision, we developed a concept that combined industrial elements with feminine curves and a touch of pink accents. The design incorporated architectural arches, concrete textures, and industrial windows, along with key elements like transparency and integrated millwork. The goal was to create a space that felt open, elevated, and functional while maintaining a sense of warmth and modernity.


Enhanced patient and staff experience

Healthcare Integration: Our approach involved extensive collaboration with the client and staff during the programming phase. We leveraged Danielle Cafarro's medical background to understand patient care requirements and operational workflows. This integration of pharmaceutical expertise and human-centered design ensured optimal patient experience and workflow efficiency.

Space Utilization: The design optimized space utilization by creating a central core layout with key rooms strategically positioned. Industrial glass partitions were used to maintain connectivity while providing privacy and natural lighting. Public areas were placed at the front, transitioning into more private spaces towards the back.

Material Selection: We selected durable, easy-to-clean materials that met healthcare standards. Commercial-grade flooring, wall coverings, and window treatments were chosen for their durability and cleanliness. Emphasis was placed on antimicrobial properties and product warranties to ensure longevity and hygiene.

Technology Integration: Advanced dental practices required careful integration of technological advancements. We collaborated with equipment partners to select and set up medical equipment, ensuring compatibility with the space layout and operational efficiency. Post-project follow-up was conducted to gather feedback and refine the design based on real-world usage.

Patient Experience: Patient comfort and relaxation were paramount in the design process. Warm blankets, dimmable lights, and ceiling-integrated TVs were incorporated to create a calming atmosphere. Special artwork, curated for its healthcare psychology impact, further enhanced the patient experience.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with local healthcare regulations and standards was ensured through collaboration with experts and specialists. Inputs from the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta and the Imagine Dental team were instrumental in meeting regulatory requirements.

Sustainability: Sustainability was considered in material sourcing and design implementation. Incorporating natural lighting and energy-efficient window coverings helped offset heating costs. Local and Canadian-based suppliers were prioritized to minimize travel and production waste, while energy-saving fixtures and automatic shut-offs were integrated to reduce resource consumption.


Beautiful in form and function

Dr. Davids and the dental team reported a significant improvement in staff morale and client satisfaction post-implementation. The inviting atmosphere and functional layout of the clinic received positive feedback from clients, with many returning for follow-up visits. The success of the design was evident in the space's ability to retain clients and create a lasting impression.

"Danielle designed my dental office exactly how we had envisioned, without going over budget.  With her experience in pharmacy, she is the perfect designer for medical/dental facilities as well as residential. Honestly, there is nothing Danielle can't conquer that won't exceed your expectations! She has a fun, energetic beat to her, authentic and caring and for a visionary, she has a keen attention to detail."
Dr. Danielle Davids
Imagine Dental
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