Giono Studio provides fully integrated design services and solutions tailored to the needs of health & wellness spaces. Their personalized approach ensures that each project aligns with the unique requirements and objectives of their clients, resulting in bold and bespoke designs.

Interior design services including full-scale builds, sourcing and styling, project management, and wellness and healthcare expertise tailored to each project.
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With an in-depth knowledge of healthcare and wellness, human-centered design principles, and interior design, Giono Studio provides a range of consulting services to clients and industry peers alike.  
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Giono Studio excels in sourcing, curating and outfitting healthcare and wellness environments with customized furniture, fixtures, equipment, artwork, and decor. 
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Project Management
By collaborating with designers, architects, and construction teams, we ensure spaces align with design intent and construction plans at every stage of the execution process.
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Design Files


MEET Danielle

Danielle Caffaro, the passionate founder of Giono Studio, is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare and wellness design. With 20 years of experience as a pharmacist and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals and patients/clients, Danielle is committed to creating spaces that enhance physical and mental health while providing solace, support and style  to those who work tirelessly within them.

"The design perfectly captures the essence of what we envisioned for Imagine Dental. The inviting atmosphere and functional layout have transformed our practice, leading to increased staff satisfaction and client retention."
Dr. Danielle Davids
Imagine Dental